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Team of Teams

We believe that a collaborative approach between businesses, local authorities, colleges and schools and supported employment providers; partnered with our evidence-based DFN Project SEARCH programme, can be a force for transformative change in the lives of young people with learning disabilities.

  • Local Authorities

    DFN Project SEARCH offers local authorities childrens’ services SEND teams the best evidence-based programme to help young people with learning disabilities and autism transition from education to employment. What better way to cease an Education, Health and Care Plan than to watch the young person graduate into a fabulous paid job.

    By partnering with DFN Project SEARCH, local authority managers and commissioners in the SEND team will also support adult social care departments and support public health initiatives in the longer-term too.

    There is also opportunity for local authorities to be a host business partner, to collaborate with the NHS or private sector businesses, further education and transform the lives of young people throughout the UK.

    Local Authorities
  • Cllr Simon Blackburn

    Leader of Blackpool Council

    Through working with DFN Project Search, Blackpool Council has been instrumental in providing enhanced employment opportunities for people with autism and learning difficulties.

  • Educators

    Colleges and Universities provide a great education, so why not make it a great life? By investing in DFN Project SEARCH, further education providers become the education lead on this employment training programme with a track record of providing better job outcomes for students.

  • Margaret Forisky

    Centre Head for Assisted Learning at West Lothian College

    Given the college’s focus on learners and the achievement rate of DFN Project SEARCH, a partnership with the charity has represented the best opportunity to make a real difference within our community.

  • Businesses

    DFN Project SEARCH champions increased potential in the workplace by training a hidden talent pool of young people. We supply businesses with a tutor, a job coach and ongoing site support at no cost to the business.

    Each student is trained and job ready when they graduate from the programme. They are an available workforce should the business themselves have vacancies, which supports workforce diversity targets and helps to transform business culture. However, students gain transferable marketable skills throughout the programme making them prime for external employment as well, which ultimately boosts community economies.

  • Ron Vos

    General manager for London Heathrow Marriott and Heathrow Windsor Marriott

    Year after year DFN Project SEARCH provides us with glowing examples that serve a reminder as to why we continue to drive this partnership forward.

  • The NHS

    Opening the workforce to an untapped talent pool of able and willing workers, DFN Project SEARCH meets specific staffing shortages with tailor-made candidates for hard to fill jobs, and enables you to make a positive difference to the lives of young people with learning disabilities and their families. Delivering outcomes in line with the Learning Disability Employment Pledge, the programme also propels diversity and accessibility into NHS employment.

    In addition as a microcosm of the working world you can train the young people in almost every occupation imaginable. So if you don't have the right vacancies for the interns they will be able to go out to the jobs market with great skills learned in a prestigious NHS Hospital.

    NHS Partners List
  • Stephen Wallace

    Head of People & Change, Facilities, and Capital Planning at NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

    DFN Project SEARCH is an employability programme that is entirely different. It has improved our recruitment pool and opportunity to recruit young people who are keen to work and make a real difference day-to-day.

Host Businesses

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